What It’s Really Like Working at A Legal Brothel

Melbourne sex workers share their experiences.


Melbourne sex workers share what it’s really like to work inside one of Australia’s leading legal brothels.


Sex work is a public service and not one that everyone in society is comfortable with. While there may be a negative stigma around selling sex, fundamentally what Melbourne sex workers feel they are selling, is intimacy.

It is safe to assume that the job is primarily about sex, however more often than not, the job of Melbourne sex workers is that of a psychologist, relationship coach, and sex therapist all rolled into one.

Sex workers spend intimate time with men, couples, single women, people with disabilities, virgins, widows, and people who enjoy kinks.

The clientele that visits brothels can’t be defined as just one type of person, similarly, there isn’t one type of person that becomes a sex worker. At Presidential Suite there is a diverse group of ladies with a commonality through their genuine passion for intimacy.

Intimacy is an essential element of human health and wellness. It can affect our physical and mental health in real ways. With this concept in mind, it’s no wonder there are a vast number of people who utilise the services of Melbourne sex workers.


Is sex work right for you?

No one can make that decision for you. But understanding there is more to sex work than there seems is a positive step to thinking differently about the industry, and the role of sex workers in society in general.

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