Presidential Suite erotic massage


If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to help!

New to PRESIDENTIAL SUITE? - Questions Answered

The ladies are on their way to introduce themselves.


Now is the time to ask any questions you may have.  Not all ladies do all things, so it’s best to ask before choosing, to avoid disappointment in the room later. A standard service is likely to include massage, oral sex on you and sex.  All with condoms of course!


The receptionist will come back to see how you fared.  If you’ve found a lady you’d like to spend some time with, the receptionist will take you to the front desk and arrange your payment and call the chosen lady to take you to a room.


Once in the room you’ll be asked to stand in front of a light to do a quick health check.  That done, you’ll be asked to shower even if you’ve had one recently.

Your time starts when the lady enters the room and stays. If she puts you in the shower and leaves to fetch her things, your time won’t start until she re-enters.

How will I know my time is up? You will hear a buzzer just prior to the end of your booking time.

No problems!  Simply tell the receptionist that nobody took your fancy and continue on your way.  We won’t pressure you to see someone if you’re unsure.  Take your time to decide if you need it and don’t feel under pressure to stay if you don’t want to.  There are lots of different ladies to meet on different days and times of the week.  Call back anytime the mood takes you and meet them!


There are many reasons but it really depends on which ones you are comparing. For instance, Illegal Brothels (as dealt with in the next question) may be marginally cheaper than Legal Brothels like ours but often have much lower standards and certainly lower overheads. There may even be one or two local legal Brothels in Melbourne offering lower prices than we can but that’s a bit like comparing apples with oranges and a quick visit will tell the story. Then of course there are Melbourne Brothels who charge a lot more than us suburban guys – because they can!

The Victorian Government has gone to great lengths to ensure working Ladies and their Clients enjoy the safest environment possible, by enforcing strict controls over who we are & how we operate. That same Government has no control over premises masquerading as massage shops, who illegally offer sex for payment (a massage brothel is much more enjoyable anyway!).


Unlike a licensed Brothel, they are not visited by the Health Department and the Sex Workers who work there are not required to have regular medical checks & that ‘s just the tip of the iceberg. And did you know – when Police raid an illegal Brothel they have the power to arrest any Client found on the premises – now that’s not a good look!

If you would like to see a Lady you have enjoyed time with previously, then you are welcome to call & book in advance. Otherwise, there is no need to make an appointment, just come on in and meet the Ladies.

In the Southern suburbs just thirty five minutes from Melbourne via Monash Freeway (M1) or Eastern Freeway (M3) . Seaford is the Gateway to the Mornington Peninsula and the starting point for the new Peninsula Link connecting Eastlink to the Mornington Peninsula.  If you are looking for a Frankston Brothel with a touch of class, we are only in the next suburb. Or a Brothel near Dandenong ? It’s only a short drive, with very easy to access from anywhere in Melbournes Southern suburbs

Unlike some of our bigger cousins around Melbourne, we don’t have an open lounge where you can mix with the Ladies & other Clients. Many Clients (and Ladies) prefer the intimacy and anonymity of our individual one-on-one lounges. In the privacy of your own time & space, you get to meet our Ladies, one at a time. If, on the other hand you prefer the open lounge concept, there is many a Melbourne Brothel operating that way.

Yes, we have quite a few couples who book a room for their own use. Some of them even book one of our Ladies to spice things up a bit, for the whole booking time or just part of it. We supply bed linen and towels, plus a selection of condoms as required. For bookings of one hour or longer we offer one of our spa rooms at no extra cost.