Sex Work FAQs

Thinking about a job in sex work?

Explore the resources from the Presidential Suite sex workers, sharing their best advice and knowledge from years of experience in the sex work industry.

Individuals choose to enter the sex industry for many of the same reasons that people enter the conventional job market — money, stability, autonomy, and even job satisfaction.


Are you able to be a sex worker and have a successful relationship?

Many sex workers have successful relationships. Like any relationship, communication is the key as well as being supportive of each other’s feelings.


Do I need a working name?

Yes, choose something easy to remember and pronounce. It is recommended to use a different name for your own confidentiality purposes.


How do I protect my identity and personal life?

Choose one back story and stick with it. Only give as much information as you are comfortable with. You don’t have to tell everyone everything. Remember, don’t bring any personal identification (i.e. your wallet) into the room where you see the client.


Can I screen or choose my clients?

You can choose to not take a client booking if you are not comfortable, or if they are looking for something you are not willing to provide. At Presidential Suite you can see clients (via many CCTV cameras) when they come in so you can also choose without having to enter the same room as them.


Can I set boundaries for what I will and won’t do?

You can offer what you want to do with a client, it is your service. You can choose to only offer a standard service to some clients, whereas with others you may feel you want to offer something more deluxe.

Make sure you tell your clients before your session begins what you offer so they understand. Remember, you are in complete control in the work room.


How do you stay safe in the workplace?

Ensure you conduct thorough health checks on clients, and make sure you get your regular health check with your doctor.


What’s the best piece of advice you have received?

Don’t be nervous and only do what you are comfortable with, remember you are in control in the room with the client.

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