ENGLISH - Early 20's, Dirty Blonde Collarbone Lenth Hair, Greeny Blue Eyes, Petite Dress Size 10, Tanned Complexion, Piercings and Tattoo's

Hi my name is Anna, I have a beautiful head turner of a tattoo that runs from my ribs down to my ankle, nipple piercings, and a natural look-no makeup. I have a basic qualification in Swedish/relaxation massage and I’m very good at engaging with people to make them feel safe and secure so that you can let our guard down around me. I will make you feel comfortable and I’m a listener. I am very down to earth, easy going, nonjudgmental and the perfect person to have a laugh with. In terms of things I am comfortable with I have done a few things and open to most. I would not do anal but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do it to you….. It's extremely dominating.

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